Environmental Signs: Recycling (Plastics)

It is placed on the packaging or goods made of plastic materials and it informs that the packaging or goods are recyclable. Numbers from 1 to 7, or specific letters are put in the sign or next to it and shows the code of the substance from which the product or its packaging is made.

1. PET - polyethylene terephthalate.

2. PE-HD - high density polyethylene.

3. PVС - polyvinyl chloride.

4. PE-LD - low density polyethylene.

5. PP - polypropylene.

6. PS - polystyrene.

7. OTHER - a mixture of various plastics or polymers not specified above. Packaging marked with this number cannot be recycled and ends its life cycle at the waste.

* * *

Please, value the environment and respect nature!