Make Your Cake look super fancy using Acrylic Discs!

Have you ever wondered how people make their cakes looking so perfectly shaped?
We used to think that it’s all about experience and professional equipment.
However, there is a simple little tool which allows you to create a perfectly smooth finish on your cakes with buttercream or ganache, even if your cake is shaky at first either because of too much filling or too many tiers.

Everyone will be impressed with your perfectly-finished cake if you follow these simple instructions:
1. Put a non-slip pad on a turntable.
2. Put the disk on the non-slip pad. With some buttercream attach parchment to disk. Make sure the disk is centered.
3. Stick your cake to the parchment with buttercream.
4. Create a top of your cake with a ton of buttercream. You will use that thickness to level your cake.
5. Then put a piece of parchment on the top, and then place the acrylic disk on it.
6. Use a bench scraper to line up acrylics. Make sure acrylics are a-leveled with each other.
7. Fill in the sides of your cake with buttercream.
8. Use your bench scraper to make it smooth.

How to remove the disk from the top without ruining your work?
*Put the cake into a refrigerator for a half an hour.
*Heat your knife with hot water.
*Slide the knife between the parchment and disk carefully, and then take the parchment off.

How to choose the right size for the Acrylic discs set?
It depends on your preferences.
0.25" - would be great for ganache, fondant or a thin layer of buttercream;
0.5" – fits for a thick layer of buttercream.
It also depends on how much layers you would use in your cake. The more layers there are - the more difficult it is to build a perfect-shaped cake from the beginning. However, the thick buttercream layer with 0.5" acrylic discs set fixes any imperfection.