Beer Glasses Care

Some people often disregard recommendations, notably concerning beer glasses care.
Here, in this post, we want to share some essentials with you, which will help to preserve your glasses in perfect condition!

1. We suggest you to avoid using your glasses for anything but beer (e.g. milk, soda, juice). Residual oils and sugars cause head retention problems, which reflects the aroma of your beer.

2. When drying using towels, we suggest you make sure to use special microfiber lint-free bar towels, since the regular ones leave odors, scratches, and lint.

3. Make sure to not store your glasses near grease, dust, or heavy odors. Any type of fat on the glass may lead to a foam suppression, dust will leave scratches and odors will affect the taste of your drink.

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We hope that these easy but efficient tips will help you to take better care of your glassware! Take care!