Why Is Comfort Food So Comforting?

Сomfort food brings us the warmest memories we experienced. 😊
The taste and the smell cuddle our minds, bring comfort and tranquility to our heads. 😌

Everyone has a special comfort food:
Hot spicy chili to warm the soul and burst with energy; 
Pasta with meat and tomato sauce (thank you, grandma); 🍝
Pancakes with maple syrup and blueberry... Mm.. Yummy! 

It could be warm, it could be cold - but it is always big and generous portions. 🙌

And if you wish to treat your guests with comfort food -- we have some comfort discounted dinnerware to serve it. 😎

⯈ Disposable - quick & easy to clean-up 🤗
⯈ Eco-friendly - you won't need to worry about our mother Earth since these biodegradable palm leaf plates will keep her safe. 🧐
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