The Emotional Eating And Comfort Food

One of the great features of a human being is that our eating habits are driven not just by hunger, but even more often - by appetite

There is a fine line between them.
Between hunger and appetite -- the physical need for food and a desire for food caused by emotions and memories.

People often choose food depending on their mood.
People tend to choose healthy and comfort food when they're happy. But sadness and boredom lead us to choose bad food which, in fact, doesn't make us feel better.
It sometimes supersedes signals of fullness, leading to overeating. And it also drags us bad memories and feelings and worsens our current status.
But healthy and comfort food works backward! You are getting happier when eating healthy and nutritious food.
And the brighter and warmer memories this food brings up to you -- the happier you become!

Be happy, and be healthy!