2 Libbey Beer Glasses Belgian Style Stemmed Tulip - 16 oz Lambic Ale Dark Beer Glass - set of 2 w/coasters – Classic Premium Glassware - Birthday Housewarming Bachelor party gift for men idea

        2 Libbey beer glasses in Belgian style of stemmed tulip 
  • CONTAINS: 2 tulip style beer glasses with short stems (holds 16 ounces each) & set of 2 coasters.
    Glass Overall Dimensions: Height: 6", Maximum Diameter: 3.75”, and 2 cork coasters by Ecodesign-US;
  • With a curvy shape and a narrow rim, Belgian style glass supports a large foamy head, that captures volatiles, making AROMAS and FLAVOR brighter. Being stemmed, the tulip beer glass elevates the beer above your hands, protects the beer from early warming up and keeps its rich TASTE LONGER;
  • Libbey Belgian beer glassware is made of durable, crystal clear glass. DISHWASHER-, FREEZER- and MICROWAVE- SAFE;
  • Elegant Birthday GIFT FOR HIM: father, husband, son, brother, a fellow beer lover, and even your tech support colleague (instead of a traditional coffee cup);
  • CORK COASTERS protect your table from accidental scratches. Since it comes from nature, cork is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Each coaster is laser engraved. Proudly Made in the USA.

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Looks nice holds beer

Great Gift!

Stephanie Mills

Just what I wanted for my favorite stout. One person found this helpful