Beer Glass Can Shaped 16 oz - Pint Beer Glasses 4 Pack w/coasters

  • Set of 4 beer glasses (holds 16 ounces each), took their form from the classic beer container. Comes with the pack of 4 coasters by Ecodesign-US;
  • An inverted edge doesn't let the aroma escape, as it happens with the old-style pint glass, so let the can-shaped beer glass give you more taste of your favorite drink;
  • Dishwasher-, freezer- and microwave- safe. Glass Overall Dimensions: Height: 5.25"; Diameter: 2.99"; Upper Diameter: 2.44". Made of glass;
  • The can-shaped glassware provide a fun way to serve a great variety of light sorts of beer, successfully acts like a pint glass, stange, stein or pilsner glass, and now is highly appreciated in the fashionable brewery, bars, and restaurants;
  • Cork coasters protect your table from accidental scratches. 

The stylish look and convenient shape make these glasses the perfect option for expanding your glassware collection. This set of glasses provides an eye-catching presentation for juices, ginger beer, iced tea and soda, and complements the home beer brewing kit, making it the perfect gift for that beer-lover in your life! We use a specially-created durable double-box packaging system to ensure safe delivery. Cheers!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Tony Conte
    Good quality and secure packaging

    Great early Christmas gift for a coworker. Arrived on time and well-packed


    Love these glasses so much!

    Troy Davidson
    Great for beer

    Love these, see them at breweries all the time and decided to get some. The weight is good and the glass clear. More than likely grabbing 4 more

    Louisa Richards
    Great beer glass

    Great glasses - well packaged and came quickly. I highly recommend.

    Chelsea Evans
    Great purchase!

    These glasses are great. Comfortable to drink from. Nice to look at. Great purchase!