Set of 2 soup bowls made from porcelain ceramic

      Set of 2 Soup Bowls. White Porcelain Ceramic. 8.5 inches, 48 oz. Japanese Asian Korean Ramen Pasta Noodles Salad
  • SET OF 2 large asian style white soup bowls. Dimensions: Top Diameter: 8 1/2" Height: 3 1/4";
  • GENEROUS CAPACITY of 48 oz is perfect to serve big portions of oriental rice, ramen, Chinese noodle, Vietnamese Pho, Japanese udon or wonton soup. Each deep dish could be used as the large and versatile serving bowl;
  • OVEN-, MICROWAVE- & DISHWASHER SAFE - being the restaurant quality ceramic, the soup bowls withstand high heat and is easy to clean;
  • SHIPPING PROTECTION - we utilize a specially created packaging to ensure the soup bowls set would be delivered safely;
  • 2 CORK PADS save your table from accidental scratches while serving hot soup bowl.

    Customer Reviews

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    The bowls are attractive, solid, weighty, extra-large, easy to clean and surprisingly durable

    I purchased two sets of these bowls almost a full year ago. Half suspecting that due to their being made of fragile porcelain they would have long since cracked or broken. They have not. In fact, we have used them dozens and dozens of times since then, for soups, chowders, stews and even salads - without loss or damage. I am convinced at this time, barring actually dropping one on the tile floor of our kitchen, that we will be using these bowls for the rest of our lives. Pros: They are spacious. We have some big eaters in our home and these over-sized bowls rise to the occasion. They are very heavy which gives them a kind of stability that prevents them from being easily jostled or knocked over by accident. The thick porcelain walls allow the bowls to be filled with scalding hot liquid and still insulate the diner who might be lifting or carrying a recently filled one to the dinner table. Cons: They are not immune from breakage during shipping. In fact, one of the four bowls I ordered did show up shattered. I could tell right away that the bowl was broken due to insufficient packaging and because it was nestled on top of the second bowl without adequate padding. In fairness to the supplier, the bowls are so incredibly heavy that short of shipping each one individually, and packing it with a ton of bubble wrap, there is really no good way to completely protect them during transit. The good news is that the supplier soon agreed to replace the broken bowl at no cost to me - and without my having to ship back broken shards of porcelain to prove my claim. I am subtracting one star from my review. Not because of the inconvenience I experienced due to one of the four bowls I ordered arriving in pieces. But because it took the supplier three or four days of hemming and hawing about the alleged breakage before they agreed to send a replacement. I'd recommend buying these bowls because of everything I mentioned above. Particularly because they may provide a lifetime of ser...


    Great quality. Nice size

    Heavy duty!

    Great bowls! Heavy duty - packaged well! Appreciate the feee spoons that come with. Highly recommend.

    Highly recommend!

    High quality bowls. Color is pure white with no imperfections. Highly recommend!