Gibraltar Rocks / Espresso Glasses - 4.5 ounce - for cortado coffee shots - w/ coasters

Includes: Two or four 4.5 oz glasses & cork coasters;

Classic elegance: traditionally shaped for serving spirit shots on the rocks. Paneled design and heavy base make the glasses solid and weighty;

Double Espresso size: the glass holds a modern Gibraltar/Cortado coffee drink

Practical: stackable and dishwasher-safe;

Cork Coasters to protect the table from moisture stains and accidental scratches.


Durable and aesthetically pleasing design.
- A solid base makes them perfectly balanced to rest on trays, tabletops, and counters. 
- An octagonal paneled shape makes these glasses look “just right" with every table setting in a kitchen or bar.
- A pleasing aesthetic feel in the hand.

Thermal glass treatment
The manufacturer uses an innovative strengthening and heat-treating after-process called DuraTuff, which makes glasses thermal-shock resistant and mechanically stronger than regular glasses.  

Q: What is a Cortado?
A: A: A Cortado is a popular coffee drink containing one or two shots of espresso with warm milk.

Q: What is the difference between a Gibraltar and a Cortado?
A: In practice, they are not actually different: they are simply different names for a classic drink comprised of espresso and warm milk. The ratio of coffee to milk usually ranges from 1 : 1 to 1 : 0.5.
The “Gibraltar” name comes from the glass in which the Cortado was served. The name was created by a quick-witted barista in a Blue Bottle Coffee shop in San Francisco in 2005. Since then, many West Coast baristas refer to this modern drink as the "Gibraltar,” while on the East Coast it is generally referred to as a “Cortado“.  

Q: How many ounces of the base liquor (vodka, gin, whiskey etc.) should be in a cocktail?
A: There is usually 1.25 oz or 1.5 oz of base liquor in a cocktail.
There are, however, exceptions:
Many casinos use a 1-ounce pour because people are there for entertainment, not for drinking.
Expensive restaurants and 5-star hotels sometimes serve cocktails with a 2-ounce liquor base. Their clientele is not really concerned about the cost and are more likely expecting a quality drink for a little extra coin.
The Rocks drinks typically take a 2-ounce pour.



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