Reusable Metal Drinking Straws - Set of 4, Stainless Steel - with Aluminium Case, Cleaning Brush, Silicone Tips

  • INCLUDES: 4 Stainless Steel 8.5" Straws. Color: Silver, 1 cleaning brush, 1 aluminum carrying case, 12 Silicone Tips - pink, blue, green;
  • CASE: holds 2 drinking straws and a brush. The case with metal straws is simple to store, easy to carry around and nice to give as a small present to a friend;
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: choosing reusable straws for drinks instead of party plastic could be a beautiful small step to the zero waste life. FDA approved;
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE: made from food-grade stainless steel, the straws are rust-proof and scratch-resistant, and could easily be cleaned with brush going through;
  • FUN: add some gloss to your party cocktail or give some instagrammable elegance to your everyday drink with the set of bright metal straws.

We use straws when we drink a latte, juice, cocktails, cola, etc - because it is really handy and healthy!
You protect your teeth enamel from erosion and dental plaque, and you also keep your lipstick safe.

Plastic straws harm the environment and your organism. Heavy metals and plasticizers, which are a lot in the plastic industry, cause terrible damage to you and nature.

So, use these majestic Steel stainless straws set instead of terrible tons of plastic!

This is WHY:

It is nowadays a solution to use anything reusable and NOT PLASTIC to keep or Earth safe and clean.
Zero-waste culture reflects the neo-human culture. The Future has already started, keep up with it!

- The case makes it easy and stylish to carry the straws. It will also make you look like a secret agent carrying some secrets to some secret base. Definitely the biggest plus!
- With this case, you won't ever lose these wonderful straws or feel that they take up too much space.
- It is easy to clean the straws with the brush which you will receive with the straw set.

- Everyone can contribute to improving the environment. While ordering either cocktail or juice just warn the waiter that you do not need the straw because you have yours.
- Or take your straws to your friend's backyard party and impress everybody there! That would be a great conversational piece.

These straws could be a pretty gift idea.
The set is not really big at the size, however, the meaning is perfect:
The Eath in your future is clean and beautiful, you are strong enough to care, you are individual, you are bright!

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